You can run your steel wire in your own machine at high speed

Low productivity on steel wire drawing machines

You run your steel wire drawing machine probably at 60% of the potential of the machine.

Besides, you may have several other wire drawing machines in the same condition. Through the years, you have made your mind that it is normal that a new machine must run that way.

The company have also a technical staff that struggle trying to get the output the sales department is demanding. They have trouble with deliveries or worst, not delivering at all sending your customer directly to your competitors.

In addition, your cost due to yield are higher than the one you desire. Besides, a high die consumption, labor costs, and other ancillary prime materials. This low productivity of time and labor puts you in a further weaker competitivity situation in your market.

Sales department cannot compete neither with prices nor quality nor on time deliveries.

Solve your problems

Owners solve this problem just by buying more wire drawing machinery that at least solve the delivery problems.

Imagine that you can run your current wire drawing equipment to the top speed at which you bought.

It means that you may do several things with minimal investment. Among which, delivery on time with good quality, cut shifts of operation or else better, increase product for sales.

Other benefit is stop your old machinery and work only with the newer ones. This will save a lot of money in spare parts and maintenance labor. Additional advantage is that you can deliver urgently for your competitor’s customer. This way you can get new customer without any effort. Most of all, your prestige as a reliable supplier spread all over your market.

Solution for low general productivity.

Steel wire consulting can solve the productivity problem in less than six months. The return on investment is normally at most in three to six months in savings and or increased sales.

A typical technical assistance is given in two stages:

First stage: A four-day visit to your facility to:

  • Give a two-days training course for your technical staff.
  • A survey of the equipment you want to increase the speed.
  • Afterwards, I will deliver a list of tasks that the company must achieve.  Additionally, a list of ancillary equipment, secondary prime materials, list of dies needed and so on.

Second stage: According to the scope agreed, a second visit to your facility from 10 to 20 days:

  • I will give onsite training of operators.
  • Take the machines included in the scope to high speed.
  • The technical staff of your company will be able to modify products or new requirements for the old products.
  • At the end of the technical assistance I will deliver a technical report. It will include an advanced wire drawing operations manual specifically for your facility.
low carbon steel wire for general pourposes

Wire drawing machine for low carbon steel for merchant wire